Candy Science Experiments – 4 Ways to Use Your Jelly Beans and Peeps

Eating your seasonal candy is fun, but so is doing candy science experiments.

We have some ideas on ways to use that spring candy to make candy science experiments that explore STEM. This summer camper is displaying her STEM structure. Can you make your own candy science experiments with jelly beans and Peeps?

1.  Jelly bean structures

Try this: Use leftover jelly beans and toothpicks to create 3-dimensional structures. Push one end of a toothpick through a jelly bean, connect the other end to another jelly bean. Start with simple triangles and squares, then connect them together. Continue adding toothpicks and jelly beans until you’ve created a 3-dimensional structure. Make a house for a Peep or a chocolate rabbit! Can you make this geodesic dome out of jelly beans and toothpicks?

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2. Dissolving marshmallow Peeps

Try this: Arrange different liquids that you think might dissolve a marshmallow Peep in small glasses or clear jars. Come up with a variety of liquids: water, soda, juice, vinegar, laundry soap and more. Fill a jar ½ full of a liquid and add a Peep. Observe the Peep at different time intervals, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, one day. What happens to the Peeps? Do they change shape? Do they disappear? Do some liquids dissolve them more or faster than others?

3. Peeps slime

Try this: Add about 5 of your Peeps to a microwave safe bowl and pour in a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Have an adult help you microwave the bowl for 30 seconds and remove it from the microwave. Add a tablespoon at a time of cornstarch, up to 3 tablespoons, kneading after each addition. Keep kneading, stretch and playing with your Peeps slime. Can it be molded? What can you do with it now?

4. Engineer a Jelly Bean rainbow

Try this: Try this experiment with water and with vinegar to see if it works differently. Arrange a pattern of colored jelly beans on a paper plate. Carefully add a cup of one of your liquids to the center of the plate. Watch to see what happens to the color from the jelly beans. Use a timer as soon as you pour in the liquid and stop it when the colors touch in the middle. Does one color dissolve faster than others? Try the other liquid. Are there any differences this time? What other liquids could you try?

Here’s a list of other sources for more science experiments using candy:

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