DIY Mother’s Day Gifts with a STEM Twist

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts with a STEM Twist

There’s no shortage of DIY Mother’s Day gifts out there. From macaroni necklaces to framed paintings, this is one holiday where arts and crafts really shine. At The Works, we love a good craft session as much as the next person, but this year we thought we’d compile a list of beautiful handmade gifts that incorporate a little STEM on the side. And don’t worry, these aren’t lesson plans disguised as presents – I’m a mom, and I’d love to get any of these from my kids (and not in the “I love anything you make” kind of way).

As always, make sure your kids are supervised and wearing protective clothing/goggles when trying out these projects.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Tray

Via Alphamom

Breakfast in bed is practically synonymous with Mother’s Day. This adorable breakfast tray DIY is about as simple as they come – keep it as-is for younger kids, or work on designing a more complex build with your older children. And did we mention proper supervision?

**URGENT DISCLAIMER** This project MUST be accompanied by actual breakfast in bed. Forgetting this step is just cruel.

DIY Bath Melts

Via Reasons to Skip The Housework

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath? There are so many great ideas out there for homemade bath bombs, melts, scrubs, soaps, etc. – you’re bound to find one that mom will enjoy. They’re a great way to do a mini-chemistry lesson about materials that melt, dissolve, and fizz, all while making something that smells incredible. Looking for a quick project? A sugar scrub is your best bet. Ready to go all out with molds and citric acid? Bath bombs make quite a fizzy spectacle. Today I’m highlighting a lovely sugar scrub – but if you don’t like these ingredients there are hundreds of other recipes out there (hello Pinterest!).

Pro-tip: Make extra for the kids to try out so they’re not breaking down the door when mom is trying to enjoy them!

Succulent Garden

Via Homey Oh My

Succulents are all the rage these days – I’m guilty of having more than what might be considered “normal” in my house. Give mom a beautiful natural gift, and give the kids a little science lesson as they learn about planting, proper drainage, and sunlight. This could be modified for any kind of houseplant, but the allure of succulents is how no-fuss they are (aka rarely need watering). Keep it chic in a minimal planter, or bust out your craft skills and decorate your own!

Swing for Grown-ups

Via A Beautiful Mess

No matter how old I am, I’ll never be able to resist a good playground swing. Sure I prefer a leisurely drifting back and forth while holding a mug of coffee instead of a terrifying underdog, but the concept is the same. This engineering challenge is both stylish and practical. The design is simple, but it will definitely need lots of guidance from a parent. If it seems like a little too much work, installing a pre-made swing is still a great engineering lesson for the kids, and less work for you. Please, please, please be sure to use the right materials and installation – no one wants a bruised tailbone on their special day.

Wind Chime

Via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Of all the DIY Mother’s Day Gifts out there, this is one of the easiest and most adaptable – apparently you can make a wind chime out of just about ANYTHING. Too many old keys? Wind chime. Jar of old buttons? Wind chime. Sea shells from that vacation you took? Wind chime (bonus for incorporating special memories). The best part is, with a little paint and the right assembly, this old junk makes something really beautiful (that mom doesn’t have to wear)! Depending on the project, there are about a million ways to tie in STEM lessons – building, balancing, designing, etc. There were too many ideas to choose just one – so take a look at this great compilation.

Take Mom to The Works

Ok, this might not be a DIY, but did you know that on Mother’s Day Weekend (5/12 – 5/14)  Moms and Grandmas receive free admission to The Works Museum? Take her out for brunch and spend the afternoon creating and learning together at The Works!

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