Code Day at The Works MuseumCurious about coding? Ready to learn about the role it plays in everyday life? Head over to The Works Museum on November 10 (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) and step into the world of coding! Code Day 2018 will feature presenters such as Code Savvy , Coder Dojo, and Prime Digital Academy providing demos and activities that let you and your family learn more about coding through computers and robotics.

Why coding matters

You may think that kids are too young to understand computer programming, but there are great ways to learn for every age group. Even preschoolers can learn the very basics and build a foundation for computational learning.

As they grow, learning to code provides even more benefits to children. It strengthens a number of skills, such as creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Additionally, computing plays a part in nearly every aspect of our lives, from medicine to shopping. Learning about the computer languages and skills used to build the tools around us helps us better understand our world and shape its future.

What to expect on Code Day

As part of our Explore It! series, families are invited to enjoy themed activities in the Museum – at no extra cost. Code Day 2018 will offer hands-on activities and demos for family members of all ages. Write code for 3D printed robots that respond to your directions with Code Kitty, explore with roving Arduino robots in the robot corral with CoderDojo TC, learn how to program using the Scratch programming language with Code Savvy, and more.

Beyond Code Day

If you are looking for ways to build on your Code Day experience, take a look at these resources which feature opportunities to explore coding at home or in your community:
Coding projects for girls
Simple coding games for preschoolers
Learn to code with this free online resource
Online coding practice site for kids (my favorite)
More free online coding fun with

More Explore It! events are coming up this fall at The Works Museum. You can find a schedule on our website.