New Classes in the Workshop Offer Creative Summer Fun

“a place to get hands-on, get creative”

“an opportunity to bond with your pre-teen or teen”

Sounds like just the thing families are looking for this summer, doesn’t it? Those were just a few of the descriptions I heard recently about the summer classes in the Workshop at The Works Museum. Frances Knaeble, Experience Developer at The Works Museum sat down with me to talk about all the new offerings in the Workshop this summer. Watch a video of the interview here.

I asked Frances to describe Workshop classes for those who might not have had the chance to experience one yet. She explained that when you attend a class in the Workshop you will find “a place where adults and kids ages nine and up can come and learn to use a variety of tools, get hands-on, get creative and create all different sorts of projects that you get to take home with you.”

She went on to describe some of the different offerings available this summer including both Walk-in and Pre-registered classes. While Walk-in classes “allow you to get a basic first level of interaction with various tools and create something to take home,” the pre-registered classes offer a more in-depth exploration of tools and processes resulting in a larger finished project.

Walk-in Classes

Frances then showed me several of the projects that class attendees will have a chance to make in the Workshop. These included PaperClip Circuits “where you get to learn the basics of how a circuit works and using just simple supplies, create a circuit and incorporate it into your own work of art.” As well as Origami Lanterns where soldering, drilling and paper folding are all a part of the experience as participants make their own unique lamp.

Those interested in sewing will find the Zip Pouch class to be a great way to get an introduction into the basics of using a sewing machine. Or, if want to give soldering a try, the Soldered Pendants class is “A really cool way to preserve some memories, create a design that is uniquely your own.”

For a list of dates and time for Walk-in classes please visit the Workshop page on our website. Classes are $13 per person, $12 for members. Museum admission is also included.

Pre-registered Classes

After learning about the Walk-in classes Frances wowed me when she brought out an example from the LED Backpack class. Each backpack created in this two-day, pre-registered class is made from scratch and includes LED lights that turn on when the pack is opened and off when it’s closed. All of the pre-registered classes offer a more in-depth look into a wide variety of tools and materials.

Other pre-registered classes include LED signs (2-day class), Intro to Arduino and Arduino Creations (both one day classes). You can see the full list of these classes and register online on the Workshop page.

Finally, I asked Frances about age guidelines for these classes. She explained that anyone over age is nine is welcome to attend classes in the Workshop. Adults who attend with the pre-teen or teen in their life find it to be a great opportunity to spend quality, creative time with them. It’s also a great way for participants of any age to meet other makers and learn a new skill.