At Home Engineering Kits

We miss you at The Works Museum! To make up for the distance, our team of educators has put together a series of At Home Engineering projects to keep your young engineers entertained and excited about STEM. Each kit comes with all the special materials needed to make a project and online video instructions.

When you purchase our At Home Engineering kits, you’re not only providing valuable hands-on learning for your child, you’re supporting a local nonprofit organization. As a thank you, we’re including a free YOXO building set with each purchase, while supplies last.

How It Works:

  • Order your At-Home engineering kit through the link below.
  • Once your order is complete, you will receive a link to select your pickup date and time.
  • When you pick up your kit, you will receive a link to the At-Home Engineering tutorial video.
  • Our educators are available for virtual office hours if your child needs assistance or wants some ideas to expand their project.
    Email to set up a virtual chat!

Curbside Pickup Available:

By appointment only

Lightning Bugs

Learn about how electricity flows through a circuit. Build your own light-up creature by creating a circuit using an LED light and a button battery.


Wiggle Bots

Learn how motors work, and how electricity flows through a circuit. Create a circuit using a motor, wires, and a battery, then attach it to a base to design your own dancing robot.



Learn about reflection and refraction using household materials. Create your own kaleidoscope to see beautiful shapes and colors.


Mini Catapults

Learn about the trajectory of flying objects. Design your own mini catapult to launch projectiles into the air.


At Home Engineering Kit Gift Packages

Gift Set 1 – $55

Gift Set 3 – $100