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The Works Museum
9740 Grand Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420
Phone: 952.888.4262
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Our Staff

Jill Measells
Chief Executive Officer

Brenda Raney
Senior Director of Development

Kit Wilhite
Senior Director of Learning Experiences

Candace Slattery
Operations and Finance Manager

Sarah Curtis
Director of Marketing and Communications

Megan Baur-Ericson
STEM Educator

Andrea Beloy
Summer STEM Educator

Katy Epler
Registration Coordinator

Maggie Ewing
STEM Educator & Visitor Experience Coordinator II

Grace Gbolo
Visitor Experience Coordinator I

Korey Haynes
STEM Educator

Martha Hotchkiss
STEM Educator

Farida Hughes
Marketing Coordinator

Sonia Krech-Jacobsen
STEM Educator

Kara Newby
Marketing Coordinator

Will Onkka
STEM Educator

Richard Pollard
STEM Educator

Kristine Redinger
STEM Educator

Will Schar
Summer STEM Educator

Sarah Shirey
Visitor Experience Supervisor

Madeline Severtson
Development Associate