Pre K Programs

Pre K Mondays

Offered during the school year, October through May.

Our Pre K Mondays feature half-price admission for children ages 2-5. Kids are natural engineers – experience the amazing fun of hands-on engineering together! Encourage your Pre K student to explore his or her curiosity and design, build, and create.

Please note – Field trip groups may be on the experience floor during Pre K Mondays.

2021-2022 Pre K Monday Schedule

December 13th |   January 10th  |  February 14th  |   March 14th  |  April 11th  |  May 9th

Pre K Summer Camps

Looking for summer science experiences for your Preschooler? Preschool summer camps at The Works Museum are ideal for preschool girls and boys ages 5 and 6. Start your engineers with hands-on projects for curious kids.

Our Pre K summer camps for have ended for 2019.

Please check back in January to see new summer camp programs for summer 2020.