Follow along with Austin Granger as he builds our next K’Nex Ball Machine!

If you’re familiar with The Works Museum, you will remember our amazing K’Nex ball machine. Over the years, we’ve seen kids and adults spend countless hours watching the balls roll through it’s tracks. One out-of-town family even scheduled a layover in Minneapolis just to see the K’Nex Ball Machine for twenty minutes! While many of us were saddened when it had to be taken down to move into our new space, we now have an opportunity to  create a new, more compact K’Nex ball machine. Thankfully Austin Granger is up to the task.

2013 K’Nex Ball Machine created
by Austin Granger

2018 K’Nex Ball Machine Rebuild
with Austin Granger

2018 K’Nex Ball Machine Funnel
created by Austin Granger

Follow along as Austin uses the Engineering Design Process to create a new unique design for the newest iteration of the famous Works Museum K’Nex Ball Machine!

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