Something you might not know about The Works Museum’s staff is that we LOVE to cook. Since we can’t do our Taste of The Works engineering challenge potluck in person this year, we’re taking it online. And you’re invited to join the challenge! Just make, bake, cook, or order something delicious and tag us in a photo with #TasteOfTheWorks (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). There’s nothing more Minnesotan than a potluck. We hope you join us!

Here are this year’s challenge categories – pick one or go for a multi-challenge:


  • Use food to create an amazing work of architecture.


  • Engineer something beautiful.

Innovative Ingredients

  • Think out of the box! Whip something up with unusual ingredients or an unusual combination of items (this one is a Reuben sandwich turned into a dip).

Engineering Name

  • Better with words than kitchen activities? Have fun creating your engineering-related name (this one is Lox and Dam).


  • Tried something but it was a total flop? Or made something ugly but delicious? That happens to all engineers! Share your epic failure with us.


  • The best teams know how to work together effectively. Show us your best group effort – all ages and pets are welcome.

To see the rest of the entries from our last potluck (it was a contest then) read this blog post